Moulds and plastic injection moulding since 1961.
Brunelli, time-honoured quality.

Brunelli has been designing and producing moulds and manufacturing plastic injection moulded products in Italy and abroad since 1961.

It owes its success to the initiative of its founder, Dino Brunelli, who realised the potential of plastics in future industries.

The company’s establishment coincided with the building of the first plastic injection mould, created to produce a rolling blind mechanism.

Today Brunelli provides an all-round service, from consultancy to design, moulding of the finished product and logistics.

Drawing on the experience matured over the years, Brunelli delivers aesthetically appealing and highly technological products. And always respects delivery times.

It is a benchmark for many companies working in a variety of sectors: mechanics, electronics, door and window frames, construction, furnishings, lighting, gardening, zootechnics, health and hygiene, electrical appliances, small parts and components production.

These are all important companies which have welcomed Brunelli as part of their production cycle.

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